How many Śālagrāma-śilās?


Auspicious Numbers of Salagrams:
1 = Pradhan
6 = cluster (kshetram)
12 = Kshetram
108 = Tirtha
1000+ = Dham (Hari-dham)

The General Rule:
1 is fine.
2 & 3 are inauspicious
4 and any even number after that is acceptable

Odd numbers (except 1) are considered unacceptable

If you have 2 silas (such as I do), and you want to worship both, worship them separately, or as an alternative, include a murti of Lord Krsna to bring the number to the “general rule” as stated above.
Read the other notes included on the page linked below.

Hare Krishna.

Yours in service,
Bhava dasa (ACBSP) (admin)

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